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G H Raisoni Educational & Medical Foundation




#09+ Campus

#30+ Institutions

#4000+ Staff

#25000+ Students

   #2000+ Students Placed in 2016-17


Secretary's Desk

Mr. Ajit G. Tatiya
Executive Director,
Raisoni Group Of Institutions
Education is a continuous learning in order to strengthen the mind and character of an individual. It is the process of accumulation of knowledge, skills and values and transmitting them to our next generations to make them stand upto the challenges of future. The process of education needs an environment where the tools required for this accumulation process are generously available. We are fully committed to build the generation next and provide the necessary tools, resources and infrastructure to create an ease and comfort to ambitious individuals while learning.It’s an era of global competition where change management is the biggest challenge that an educational system needs to prevail. Our facilities are being designed taking into view this challenge with adaptations of IT based education, Video Conferencing, Online Academic Excellence System, Funding for students and faculties for educational commitments all over the world. We are entitled to foresee and update our facilities according to the changing needs of and global standards of education.In a nutshell “Raisoni Group of Institutions” is an ideal environment for the process of education where I promise generation next a complete intellectual and Cultural Revolution.