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Anti ragging Committee

GHRIMR is a campus for healthy academic life and does not tolerate any infringement or intrusion into individual’s rights and privacy. It takes pride in the fact that there are no incidences of ragging on campus in its history. Ragging in any form is strictly banned. Persons indulging in any form of ragging will be punished and imprisoned as per the rules of Supreme Court of India. An Anti Ragging Committee is in place which oversees all ragging related issues and addresses the same. Students are advised to refer to website – and read notification.

Sr.No. Name Designation Profession
1 Dr. Yogesh Mahajan Member Director
2 Prof Abhijit Jaiswal Co-Ordinator Assistant Professor
3 Prof Rupali Mane Member Assistant Professor
4 Prof Sneha Barathe Memeber Assistant Professor

Discipline Committee

In recognition of the fact that the College is a place of learning and not leisure, formal etiquette and behavior is expected out of every student. Casual approach to dressing, behavior, language and mannerism are not in alignment with the intent of one’s presence in the academic campus and as such the following broad guidelines are to be kept in mind: Campus is unison of two academic institutions. Wearing the prescribed uniform dress enables identity. The prescribed uniform dress must be worn on all days and occasions as prescribed by the Institution. On such days / occasions when the uniform is not strictly expected to be worn, informal dress can be worn.

Sr.No. Name Profession
1 Dr. Yogesh Mahajan Director
2 Prof Sagar Gupta Co-ordinator
3 Dr. Nilofer Shaikh Assistant Professor
4 Prof Akash Nirangane Assistant Professor